‘Painting with Ayse’ is a show with work by Ayse Somuncu, curated by Bas Kosters!

It’s going to be a show full of dolls with dresses full of candies, and scary monsters that are cute too! The works of art together form a world that evokes a feeling of a magical forest with good and bad spirits, and with figures that sometimes seem to live under water or in the air. Her self-portraits show that nothing is static and everything can be anything.

Ayse Somuncu is an artist who makes exuberant, colorful, playful and figurative work. “My life consists of drawing,” says Somuncu. She works on her paintings a few days a week at her workshop at the Atelier Bijzonder Amsterdams Noord. Somuncu also works on ceramic and textile pieces. It is striking how ruthless she is towards herself in her self-portraits. She doesn’t have to look pretty or ugly. Somuncu very much does not participate in constructing the perfect picture of herself.

Image from PAINTINGS WITH AYSE (JUNE 30 - JULY 31) by OutsiderLand