Jonathan de Regt worked as an artist at Atelier Galerie De Herenplaats, and has been independent for the past two years. As an artist his aim is to see and be seen. To give a face to those whom society does not care about. Jonathan worked consistently in the studio in the same technique, and thus developed his own recognizable style: drawings with ballpoint pen, black and blue, and with Indian ink. His work is mainly figurative, the drawings tell stories.

Jonathan de Regt works together with Mette Sterre for this show. Mette Sterre is a performance artist who creates sculptural body masks that cover the entire body of the wearer. The way in which the complex masks limit and allow movement forms the basis of her performances, installations and films. Sterre examines how the human contours in the broadest sense of the word can be disrupted, both ideologically and materially, to ask what else we can be, other than humans.

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Image from NEVER ENDING TALKSHOW (15 DEC - 12 FEB) by OutsiderLand