Outsiderland brings Outsiderwear to the Art Brut Biennale 2022!

The Art Brut Biennale Foundation is a biennial art event that raises awareness of “Art Brut”. Art Brut is art in its most direct and raw form. It is difficult to capture under a denominator, or to classify it by means of a label. Art Brut shows hardly any affinity with existing art styles.

The work of people with intellectual disabilities is also considered part of the Art Brut area. Among them are artists who express themselves in a large diversity of forms and materials. The Biennale gives these artists recognition and appreciation for their work.

Outsiderwear was a project in which talented outsider artists collaborated with successful fashion designers and artists. Outsiderwear brought together about 40 out- and insiders. The collabs were presented in performance, exhibitions and fashion shows. All clothing was on display and for sale during the multidisciplinary Outsiderwear Festival, which took place in Amsterdam in 2021.

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Image from ART BRUT BIENNALE 2022 (EXTERNAL) MAY 14 - MAY 22 by OutsiderLand