Every year Outsiderland organises ‘The Great Ceramics Show’ where we show the most exuberant ceramics by the most diverse makers. We show artists with a Mental Superpower (if you have down syndrome for example), young upcoming artists from different countries and makers whose work is already in many fancy art collections.

And the good news is: all the ceramics are for sale and we have something for every price range. Last year the show was sold out in no time, so be quick this year!

This year, the Grote Keramiekshow is curated by Outsiderland queen whirlwind Mohamed Boujarra, and we have ceramics by Maikel Baas, Rene Breene, Esra Degirmenci, Donne Dijkhorst, Roos Drieënhuizen, Anemoon On FIRE, Antonetta Eilers, Jessica Magnin, Jan Hoek, Rudie Heiwegen, Elise van de Sande, Daniel Scheurink, Chris Weijers, Anke Stoel, Milena Anna Bouma, Naomi Gilon, Dodi Espinosa, Daan Gielis, Mounir Eddib, Bert te Winkel, Sanne Voortman, Filipe Alves, Romano Lugthart, Norris Francisca, Arendjan Talstra, Brigitta Broeder, Marcello Stokhof, Sander Markx, Viresh Paltie, Silvia Polstra, Patrick Stam, Siphrah Lubberink, Geert Strating, Guido van Amelsfoort, Belinda Thijssen, Cee Fillemann, Abel Jallais, Naomi Moonlion, Clara Lezla, Anna Hoetjes, Aurelien le Petit, Frizbee Ceramics, Ophelie Mac, Alejandro Garcia Contreras, Bayo Alvaro, Zosia Głowacka, Simon Bervet, Liza Houben, Bastienne Kramer, Lucas Hendrix, De Wijde Doelen, Bijzonder Amsterdams, De Witte Olifant, Galerie Atelier Herenplaats en Aventurijn Raalte, among others.

21 april, 17:00 - 20:00 at Sexyland World | read more

Image from THE GREAT CERAMICS SHOW (21 April - 22 May) by OutsiderLand