This show is curated by César González-Aguirre. For the occasion of this international, collaborative project the opening will be even more festive than usual! Expect party, performance and side programming.


20.00 - 0.00 

The “Clothing Hospital” is a symbolic, nomadic space. It has no fixed address and can’t be located in any specific Mexico City neighborhood. It exists when Emma Yesica Duvali, Erick Molina, Brandy Basurto, Samuel Nicolle, Terry Holliday, María Ponce and I, César, get together in any one of our homes. All of us are the “Clothing Hospital” since the beginning of this year, as we started stitching together stories told by Emma, Brandy and Terry, using fabric to illustrate them. This collaborative work is meant to embody memory and to recognize trans women and gender non-conforming individuals who have died of AIDS in Mexico since the 1980s.

The “Clothing Hospital” aims to further the work begun in 1987 by the “NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt” in San Francisco, and by Colectivo Sol in Mexico City as of 1990. Our goal is to keep compiling a visual trans/queer history, using autobiographical storytelling, embroidery and patchwork as characteristic tools of artivism and transfeminism.

Image from BEWITCHED CLOTHING (12 AUGUST - 11 SEPTEMBER) by OutsiderLand