Susan Kooi and Youssef Boucenna have risen from the ashes and bring us a candle and ceramics show in full bloom, it’s the comeback of the year! The original exhibition ‘Christmas Problems’ could not take place because the works were stolen from a transport van. Since then the duo has rediscovered themselves in this spring festival: ‘De Wederopstanding’ (translated: the resurrection).

The artists were connected through Outsiderland last year because of their shared love for philosophy and monstrous forms. Susan studied at the Rietveld and Youssef, through many sometimes literal wanderings, ended up at Makom, a walk-in house and art studio of the Regenbooggroep in Amsterdam.

Their collaboration consists of plates, glasses and of course egg cups, with a series of ceramic castles in the center for displaced candle figures.

On March 18, the exhibition ‘The Resurrection’ will be festively opened at Outsiderland, the gallery on the second floor of SEXYLAND World in Amsterdam-Noord. Artists Susan Kooi and Youssef Boucenna will be present in the exhibition and to tell you about their work. After the opening, stay and hang out on the ground floor at SEXYLAND World!

Facebookevent opening

Image from DE WEDEROPSTANDING (MARCH 18 - APRIL 17) by OutsiderLand