Flourb0y Pizza Skateboard Bonanza (19 August)


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Imagine: you are a pizza maker who loves skating so much that you decide that the world cannot do without pizzas that can also be used as skateboards. Once you’ve done that, you decide that you can make anything out of pizza: chairs, key rings, bicycles, anything you can think of. That makes you an artist, despite the fact that you may not have had official art training. That’s why we think Saman Khoshgbari (Flourb0y) from Maastricht absolutely deserves a show, in which he will exhibit his pizza skateboards and other pizza sculptures for the first time in Amsterdam.

Flourb0y’s work is complemented by pizza art from both insider and outsider artists from various day care studios in Almere (De Witte Olifant), Goes (Galerie de Kaai) and Rotterdam (Atelier Herenplaats). Also for sale are plates and mugs with work by Duran Lantink and Jan Hoek. Pizzashow - My teenage fantasy can be seen from 19 August to 19 September 2021 in Outsiderland in Amsterdam.

Opening The opening of Pizzashow - My teenage fantasy takes place on 19 August from 19:00 onwards in the presence of the artist. At 20:30 the punk band Pizza Knife will play. RSVP here.