Teenage Mutant Ninja Gates (27 June / 24 august)

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A gate has been specially made for Outsiderland, one that makes it crystal clear that once you’ve walked under the gate you enter another world where different laws apply. Behind this gate, fairytales become reality, the most wonderful twirls of thought find a physical form and everyone can be who they are.

The Gate is a collaboration between artists Bob van Buuren, Jessica Magnin, Hannes Tromp and Donne Dijkhorst from the outsider art studio De Wijde Doelen in Utrecht and the The Hague artists Joeri Woudstra and Rik Laging. Together they sketched out the most imaginative gates and put it together into one all-encompassing gate. In addition, miniature models were made of all the sketches made during this exhibition that are for sale for everyone at a friendly price.